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New Zealand part three


We made it to the north island, and explored the city of Wellington, which has lived up to its reputation of being very windy. We said goodbye to our new friends (quite sad!) and are now relaxing by the beach in Evans Bay.

‘Sometimes you need to put your camera away and face the world head-on. The most precious moments don’t always need to be recorded. They’re the ones that will stay with you no matter what.’

I read this quote the other day and thought I need to so this more often. At times when I haven’t been able to carry my camera on this trip, I have been too busy worrying that I don’t have my camera, I have not been able to stop and enjoy what is passing by!

New Zealand part two


Our travels continued!….. Visiting the glacier was a cool experience, literally 🙂 Also it finally snowed, so we got to experience sunny NZ and wintery NZ. Lucky snow is pretty so it makes up for being awfully cold!!

Our tour ended up on the north island in wellington, which feels a lot like any other city!

The crazy guy in the photo is our tour guide, which made our trip interesting, also met a lot of great people. (Some of who we did a photo shoot of in Wellington, those photos to come soon)…

New Zealand part one…


I can now say I have been overseas, and what a better place to start than New Zealand.

I am here for a wedding and touring the South Island with my cousin Brittany. It is very beautiful!

When we first arrived we didn’t think it was as cold as we had been warned? But soon realised it was bitterly cold, as you would expect at 1:30am!

Our first stop was Christchurch and our first impression was this town is dead! and why are the side walks so uneven! Then we remembered they have just had an earthquake, so the town is excused. From there we visited the cute town of Ohau and onto Milford sound. Which was stunning BUT after being bus sick, going onto a boat wasn’t ideal.

I loved Queenstown, such beautiful countryside. No I didn’t go bungy jumping or anything like that. I considered it but after watching some silly people jump off a bridge, I realised I just wasn’t that silly!! So Britt and I opted for more scenic, safe things to occupy our time and spent a day on the slopes of NEW ZEALAND! Which weren’t as fluffy and snow covered as I would like to pretend. Also visited the countryside where Lord of the Rings was filmed, if that interests anyone!

More of our trip to come, and my first over seas wedding once I have shot that!…:)