Portrait Photography

I typically spend the first few minutes of the session chatting with your child/ren so that they will be a little more comfortable with both me and my camera. Most sessions last up to 1 & 1/2 hours, however your child/ren will determine when we are done. When a child is tired of my camera there is not much I can do about it!

Since I am a natural light photographer,  sessions are usually scheduled when lighting is optimum, such as early morning (before noon) and early evening. Also, consider what time will work best for your child/ren; a content and happy child is easier to work with i.e. well fed and not sleepy.

Newborns are best photographed during deep sleep, so I am happy to wait while baby settles and this can be during a time of day that you believe most appropriate for you and your baby.

Be comfortable and keep it simple are two easy rules when choosing clothing options. Bright colours are always great but try to steer clear of large logos or busy patterns! Anything with a touch of vintage always works for me, lace and florals. But if this is not your style, stick with classic. Clothing changes are welcome. For family sessions, you don’t have to match perfectly – I am definitely not your “everyone in a white shirt and denim” kind of photographer. I am just there to capture a moment in your life as you are.

Newborns are photographed the way we love them best, in their ‘birthday suits’. I have an ever growing supply of beanies, wraps and headbands to add that extra cuteness, and I also welcome anything that you may wish to supply.

I look forward to photographing you and your loved ones!

With Love (and Lace),

Melanie x